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Alberta Pork Swine Traceability

Traceability: Why it Matters

Swine Traceability is an important animal health and food safety system that enables precise and rapid emergency response to protect livestock, producers and consumers.

Any person in custody of or in care and control of swine or deadstock of swine is required to comply with both federal and provincial legislations when moving swine.
Requirements in Alberta’s regulation meet or exceed those in the federal Health of Animals Act. The Canadian Pork Council therefore advises persons in Alberta to comply with Alberta’s regulation. Alberta Pork is the delegated authority for administration of the Swine Traceability Regulation on behalf of the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.

Alberta Traceability System

As of July 1, 2014, both the national and provincial traceability regulations were in effect, making all hog movements mandatory. It is important to note that processors and producers who are in compliance with the Alberta traceability regulations need not worry about the national system as the Alberta system will feed into the national one on behalf of producers and processors.

Full movement reporting is as simple as completing a manifest and faxing it to 1-888-715-4563. Manifest can also be emailed to  This number is located on every Alberta Pork manifest towards the bottom of the page.  The Alberta Pork manifest can be used for all types of movements, including farm to farm, farm to slaughter and out of province.

Alberta Pork is developing an electronic manifest to make farm to farm movement reporting easy and reduce your paperwork. Look for more information on the electronic manifest and how to report electronically in 2016.

If you require manifests or have any questions about the Alberta traceability system or the electronic manifest, contact Christina Carley, Traceability Coordinator, by phone at 1-780-440-8461 or by email at