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Alberta Swine Manifest

The Swine Manifest

Movements of swine are reported utilizing a form known as the Swine Manifest. The Swine Manifest contains three major sections: Shipper, Transporter and
Receiver sections.

  • Shipper is a person who ships swine or deadstock or moves swine for the purpose of slaughter within the premises in which they have been raised.
  • Transporter is a person who transports swine or deadstock.
  • Receiver is a person who receives swine or deadstock.
  • Each party keeps a copy of the Swine Manifest as the shipment of swine travels to its final destination.

When a movement of swine starts, the Shipper will start the reporting process by completing the Shipper portion on the Swine Manifest. He/She will then pass along the remaining copies of the Swine Manifest to the Transporter, who will complete his/her portion and ensure the Swine Manifest accompanies the shipment. Once arriving at the Receiver’s location, the Transporter will provide the remaining copies of the Swine Manifest to the Receiver. The Receiver will then complete his/her portion of the Swine Manifest and submit the Top White Copy to Alberta Pork, thus reporting the movement or swine.

              Swine Manifest: Shipper > Transporter > Receiver > Alberta Pork

Information Collected on the Swine Manifest

A Swine Manifest must accompany every shipment of swine and deadstock. Free copies of the Swine Manifest can be ordered from Alberta Pork toll free at 1.877.247.7675 (PORK). For Federal Plants, there are customized forms that contain additional fields of information.

Please be sure to contact the federal processor to have their customized Swine Manifest sent to you.

What information do you need to complete a Swine Manifest?

*Required fields for movement of deadstock are identified on Page 24 (Movement of Deadstock)


By the Shipper*:

  • Name and Alberta Pork producer number. 
  • PID Number.
  • 24-hour contact number.
  • Swine identifiers and swine type.
  • Number of swine loaded.
  • Receiver’s name, PID number (or alternate descriptor), contact number.
  • Representative’s name and signature.

By the Transporter*:

  • Transporter name.
  • 24-Hour contact number.
  • License plate of tractor and trailer.
  • Number of swine loaded.
  • Driver name and signature.
  • Date and time of departure from Shipper’s premises.

By the Receiver*:

  • Name and Alberta Pork producer number.
  • PID Number.
  • 24-hour contact number.
  • Applied swine identifier.
  • Number of swine unloaded.
  • Representative’s name and signature.
  • Date and time of receipt of swine.