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The Basics on Swine Traceability in Alberta

The Basics on swine traceability in Alberta

To meet the goals of the Swine Traceability System the participation of everyone in the value chain, producers, transporters and packers, is required. The more participants reporting into the system, the stronger and more effective the system becomes.

There are four important steps to submitting swine movements in Alberta.

1. Apply approved swine identifier

  • The type of swine and where they are moving to determines the approved swine identifier to be applied by the Shipper.
  • NOTE: Swine arriving without an approved swine identifier should have an identifier applied by the Receiver.

2. Complete your section of the swine manifest

  • Shipper, Transporter and Receiver are responsible for completing their sections on the Swine Manifest.
  • A copy of the Swine Manifest must travel with the swine.

3. Submit Swine Manifest/movement data

  • Submit the Swine Manifest within 48 hours of receipt of the swine (Receiver submits) or if shipping outside of Alberta, within 48 hours of shipping (Shipper submits).
  • Swine Manifests are submitted to Alberta Pork via fax to 1.888.715.4563 or by email to

4. Keep records

  • Shippers and Receivers must keep Swine Manifests for a period of five years.
  • Transporters must keep Swine Manifests for a period of one year.

Know your obligations under the Swine Traceability Regulation