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Imports Movements (International)
Individual Identifier

Identification requirements:

  • Individual identifier ear tag.
  • Apply upon receipt of swine.

NOTE: If imported swine bare a United States Individual identifier ear tag, then there is no need to apply a PigTrace Individual identifier ear tag.

Movement submission: Responsibilities and requirements for import movements

Shipper (outside of Alberta):

  • If shipping from within Canada the Shipper will report to PigTrace.


  • The Transporter should be carrying movement information. (ie. Movement manifest)

Receiver (within Alberta):

  • If receiving swine without a Swine Manifest or similar document record on a Swine Manifest:
  • Shipper’s name and telephone number.
  • Shipper’s PID or alternate descriptor.
  • Transporter’s name and telephone number.
  • Complete Receiver portion of the Swine Manifest.
  • Submit the Swine Manifest (Top White Copy) in addition to the other documentation received with the swine to Alberta Pork within 48 hours of receipt of swine.
  • Retain a copy of the Swine Manifest for records.