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What do Albertans Need to Know About PigTrace?

What do Albertans need to know about PigTrace?

PigTrace is the national pig traceability program designed to ensure protection, prosperity and peace of mind for the Canadian pork industry and its customers.

PigTrace is an industry led initiative of the Canadian Pork Council, which is the national administrator responsible for swine under the Health of Animals Act. This Regulation has been in place since July 2014.

In Alberta, the Swine Traceability Regulation began with farm to slaughter reporting in December 2011 and moved to full reporting July 2014. As such, Alberta continues with their regulation, which meets those in the federal Health of Animals Act. Therefore, by complying with Alberta’s Swine Traceability Regulation you will meet with the
federal regulation.

By submitting the Swine Manifest to Alberta Pork, the required data will be uploaded to PigTrace to meet its reporting requirements and timelines.