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Who is Responsible for Submitting the Manifest?

Who is responsible to submit the Swine Manifest

Swine Manifests are to be submitted to Alberta Pork within 48 hours of receipt, or if shipping outside of Alberta, within 48 hours of shipping. Upon submission to Alberta Pork, required information will be uploaded to the national PigTrace system.

Where to send completed Swine Manifests

Swine Manifests may be submitted via fax to 1.888.715.4563, or by email to

Movements within Alberta (shipped from and received in Alberta)

  • Receiver submits Swine Manifest.
  • Use the Top White Copy of the Swine Manifest for faxing, or scanning/picture sent via email.

Movements leaving Alberta (Exports)

  • Shipper submits Swine Manifest.
  • Use the Second Copy of the Swine Manifest for faxing, or scanning/picture sent via email, and to keep for records.

Movements coming into Alberta (Imports)

  • Receiver submits Swine Manifest.
  • If a Swine Manifest is not received with the shipment/load, the Receiver can fill out the Receiver and Transporter portion of a Swine Manifest and submit it along with any other paperwork that came with the shipment/load.

Movements through an assembly yard or auction market

  • Receiver submits Swine Manifest when receiving movement into the facility.
  • Shipper submits Swine Manifest when the load is destined for a location outside of Alberta.