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Classical Swine Fever, Hog Cholera

Classical Swine Fever, Hog Cholera (Fr.: peste porcine classique) - the signs and mode of transmission

Classical Swine Fever is a viral infection that affects domestic and exotic pigs such as the wild boar. It is not transmissible to humans. The virus is transmitted by direct contact with infected animals or indirect contact with contaminated people or equipment. It may also be transmitted by products derived from infected swine (ex. meat, semen). The severity of the disease may vary considerably. In its acute form, animals display fever, depression, skin hemorrhages, diarrhea, etc. Swine of all ages may be affected, but mortality is higher among piglets. The last time Classical Swine Fever was diagnosed in Canada was in 1962. It appears sporadically in some European countries where it remains present in the wild boar population. It resulted in the slaughter of approximately 12 million pigs in the Netherlands in 1997 and 1998.

For more information on this disease consult the CFIA website