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Compensation plan

A compensation at market value up to a maximum of $800 per pig is allocated by the Canadian government in the event that disposal of animals is deemed necessary in order to control the disease. Furthermore, compensation may be allocated to cover the following:

  • reasonable costs paid or incurred by the owner for the slaughter of animals and their transport to the abattoir;
  • for costs in cases in which animals are disposed of at the abattoir or elsewhere; reasonable costs paid or incurred by the owner for the transport of animals to other disposal sites for sanitization and disinfection of vehicles which were used for the transport of animals or carcasses and;
  • for the destruction of animals and the disposal of carcasses.

Currently, losses of earnings are not admissible as part of the compensation plan.


The enforcement of biosecurity measures on the farm and quick recourse to veterinary services greatly reduce the risks of outbreak and dissemination of exotic diseases in the country. Although there is no reason for undue alarm, Canadian swine producers must remain vigilant.