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On-farm prevention and action

The risk of introduction of most Reportable Diseases may be reduced by applying the same rigorous biosecurity measures as those geared at protecting one's farm from other infectious diseases. For detailed information, see the Biosecurity section in the “For Producers” part of this website.

Action for hog farmers to take in case of doubt

When faced with unusual problems that may look like exotic diseases, you must immediately contact your veterinarian and/or notify the local office of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). You will find the telephone number in the telephone book's Blue Pages under the heading "Government of Canada". It is important that no animal leave the farm before your veterinarian or a CFIA officer arrives on your premises. Furthermore, all people who have had direct or indirect contact with the suspect animals must avoid having contact with other breeders or animals.

It is extremely important not to speculate on the presence of a disease until it is confirmed in a CFIA laboratory, in order to prevent potential misinformation that could create unnecessary panic in the event that no disease is present.