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Swine Vesicular

Swine Vesicular disease (Fr.: maladie vesiculeuse du porc ) - the signs and mode of transmission

Swine Vesicular disease is a viral infection that closely resembles Foot-and-Mouth disease. However, the lesions are generally less severe and do not affect cattle and sheep. The Swine Vesicular disease virus is very resistant to the environment. It is easily transmitted by contact with infected animals and contaminated people, equipment or food. Although less severe than Foot-and-Mouth disease, Swine Vesicular disease is important due to its resemblance to this disease and the enforcement of similar control measures. Only laboratory testing allows one to differentiate between the two diseases. Swine Vesicular disease outbreaks recently occurred in several European and Asian countries. This disease has never been reported in Canada.

For more information on this disease consult the CFIA website