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Farm Labour - Finding & Filling Jobs

Alberta pork producers continue to find it challenging to recruit and retain suitably trained or untrained farm employees.  Trained Canadian pork technicians are sporadically available from within Canada but their choice to work on a farm is highly dependent on career opportunities, lifestyle choices, and the attraction to higher paying jobs in other non-agriculture sectors.  Given these conditions lower-skilled labour is often harder to recruit and even more so retain. Without a dependable labour supply production units can suffer either in productivity, quality of product and in the quality of life for the managers, owners and their families.  As a result employers often opt to recruit workers using the federal Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFW).  Retention of any worker on farm is also important and requires producers to implement on-farm human resource programs that ensure workers want to remain in the job and see it as a long-term career path.  The information below is designed to assist Alberta pork producers in providing tools to recruit and retain staff on farms.

Finding Jobs and Advertising

There are numerous ways to find jobs or people seeking work.  These may range from personal referrals to printed and online sites that advertise available job positions and people seeking employment. Many of the online sites have no associated cost.

Job Bank (Canada)

Government of Alberta

Western Producer

Agricultural Employment Alberta Ltd.






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Workers Seeking Employment

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