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Alberta Pork Producer Registration - How To

Producer Registration

Under the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act - Alberta Pork Commission Regulations, anyone who has pigs, regardless of whether for food production or as a companion, must be registered with Alberta Pork.

Registration with Alberta Pork is free and can be done by completing the below registration forms. If you have more than one premises (quarter section), please be sure to complete a premises registration form for each site. For instructions on how to fill out the producer registration forms, please click here. If you have any further questions on how to complete the registration process, please contact Alberta Pork and we would be happy to walk you through it.

1. Producer Registration Form
2. Premises Registration Form

Please submit completed forms to Alberta Pork either by fax at 1-780-479-5128, by email at or by mail to the following address: Alberta Pork, 4828 89 Street, Edmonton, AB, T6E 5K1.
Once the forms are received and processed by Alberta Pork, you will be provided with two main numbers:

1. Alberta Pork Producer Number
2. Tattoo (Herd Mark)

Alberta Pork Producer Number: Your Alberta Pork Producer Number is a 6 digit number that is assigned to your farm/business organization and is unique to you.

Tattoo (Herd Mark): Your tattoo will be a 5 digit number (always ending in 6 for Alberta producers) that is assigned to both your producer number and Premises Identification (PID) number.

You will also require a PID number from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AAF). If you have not already registered for a PID number with AAF, you can do so online here.

Once the forms have been received by Alberta Pork, registration can be completed in approximately 1-2 business days. If there is an urgent need to register, please contact the Alberta Pork office toll free at 1-877-247-7675 (PORK).

This registration information will be used to create your account in three different databases: The provincial Alberta Pork database, the Swine Movement Application (SMA) (otherwise known as the Alberta provincial traceability database) and the CPC national PigTrace database. The creation of the account is for the purposes as outlined under the Alberta Swine Traceability Regulation, Health of Animals Act and Marketing of Agricultural Products Act (MAPA). Only the information required to create the accounts under the SMA and PigTrace with respect to the regulations will be included and are indicated on the forms with an (*).

Please note that all the information retained in this form will be held in accordance with Alberta Pork’s privacy policy and the applicable privacy laws.

Producer Cards

After completing the registration process, Alberta Pork will provide you with a producer card. Producer cards are printed for every premises that is registered under an organization. Therefore if you have 2 premises registered under your organization, you should receive 2 producer cards. This card will have all your registration information printed on it to serve as a quick reference for the cardholder.

The producer card is an ideal tool to use when completing the swine manifest.

Alberta Pork advises producers to ensure that their cards are kept current and up to date. If you find that the card you currently hold is older than 2 years, it is suggested that the producer contact Alberta Pork and request that a new producer card be sent.

Below is an example of a producer card.

Front of Card

Back of Card