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Growing Forward

Growing Forward Agricultural Policy Framework

Growing Forward is a commitment to Canada's agriculture sector that's focused on achieving results, reflects input from across the sector, and delivers programs that are simple, more effective and tailored to local needs.

Governments are investing $1.3 billion over five years into Growing Forward programs. The funding represents $330 million more than the Agricultural Policy Framework (APF) and is cost-shared on a 60:40 basis between the Government of Canada and the provincial and territorial governments.

Growing Forward puts emphasis on building a profitable sector through its three strategic outcomes:

  • A competitive and innovative sector: From idea to invention to consumer, growing new opportunities that support innovation and competitiveness.

  • A sector that contributes to society's priorities: Enabling the sector to contribute to the priorities of increasingly health-conscious and environmentally aware Canadians.

  • A sector proactive in managing risks: The business risk management (BRM) suite were the first programs available under Growing Forward, offering more responsive, predictable and bankable programs for farmers.

In addition, Growing Forward provides:

  •  Flexible programs that better meet local needs: Finding the best ways of adapting programs to meet regional needs while achieving common national goals.

  • Action on key regulatory priorities: A competitive and innovative sector supported by modernizing regulatory processes and improving regulatory cooperation for the betterment of all Canadians.

  • Better service delivery: Simple and more accessible programs and services.

To learn more about Growing Forward policy and programs please visit their website at