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Western Canadian Swine Transport Wash Program (WCSTWP)

Our industry faces a number of threats, but none so potentially damaging as swine disease left unchecked. Consequently, Alberta Pork has been working with everyone from feed manufacturers to transportation companies to raise awareness of the risks carried by diseases like TGE and PEDv.

Given the critical role of transportation in preventing the spread of disease, Alberta Pork has helped develop the Western Canadian Truck Wash Program (WCTWP).  This is an audit-based program that provides information on proper wash procedures and biosecurity to participating truck wash facilities and serves as a benchmarking tool to compare their performance with colleagues. Currently, there are 14 facilities involved in the program across the western provinces.

The main objectives of the Western Canadian Swine Transport Wash Program (WCSTWP) are to:

  • Assess wash operations in western Canada that handle swine transport vehicles.
  • Provide the completed assessment and a benchmarking report to participating operations, which compares their operations to others in western Canada.
  • Enable and encourage wash operations to continually improve their facilities and practices.
  • Allow participating facilities to provide additional assurance to their clients about their wash practices.
  • Offer participating facilities the ability to publicize their participation in the program, if assessed within the last year.

Wash operations will be assessed using the Wash Facility Assessment and the Wash Procedure Assessment. A trailer Visual Inspection Checklist is also used. Participating facilities will be provided with a benchmark report.

To participate in the WCSTWP, wash operations in western Canada are encouraged to contact the pork producer organization in their respective province and arrange an assessment visit with a trained assessor.

Wash operations wishing to publicize their participation in the WCSTWP*:





Most Recent Assessment

(in last year)

Wolf Creek Truck Wash

Lacombe, AB

Dr. Egan Brockhoff

February 19, 2015

Blue Water Wash

Acme, AB

Blue Water Wash

February 18, 2015

Blue Water Wash

Blumenort, MB

Dr. Blaine Tully

February 10, 2015

Blue Water Wash

Brandon, MB

Dr. Blaine Tully

February 9, 2015


* Fourteen (14) wash operations have been assessed on the program since January 2015

The WCSTWP also provides disclosure documents that allow transporters to provide additional assurance to their producer clients on specific loads. Transporters can describe the recent history of their truck and trailer before they arrive at the client’s farm, including when and where they last came into contact with swine and when, where and how they were last washed. If used, these documents should be sent electronically to clients in advance of hauling.